We now the first version of our online database available! Click here to access it.

See also the customisable open-access visualisation tool, developed by collaborator Dr Nan Jiang and students at Bournemouth University.

As of January 2016, we are seeking to move the hosting for the website and SQL database into the University of Southampton (our hosts!). In due course, this will allow us the capacity to improve the performance of the database and we will also add more data to it as time goes on.

You can also download the ResIn UK 1997-2013 dataset in Excel format (file size about 32mb). This file has been developed internally and was not deliberately designed to be user-friendly so please do contact us if you’re using it and require clarifications!

We carried out the analysis in Stata, so there may be slight discrepancies between the information in Excel and the data in the publications, due to definition revisions, re-categorisations of studies or any other minor changes we made at the analysis stage.

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