Dear colleagues at the research funding agencies,

The Research Investments in Global Health study has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to describe funding trends related to infectious disease research in the G20 countries. The study has already considered awards for infection research to UK institutions across 1997-2013 (

We are now approaching as many funders as possible across the G20 countries to obtain their award data, so we can build up a global picture of investment by: pathogen and disease area, type of science (e.g. pre-clinical, clinical trials, public health), country, lead institution, and funder.

If you have any infection-related awards in your portfolio at all, even if your main area of interest is in non-communicable disease but you’ve funded one or two studies that cover infectious disease, we’d appreciate being able to include those awards in our dataset and analysis of global trends. Even the numerous small awards all add up and it’s important to know what the pump-priming and pilot studies are working on.

We will present results through a series of peer-reviewed publications and post further summaries of data on our website. We will also be able to produce data summaries and policy briefings tailored to individual specifications, so if there is a particular area of research investment you have an interest in, then do ask!

If you have any queries about the study, do contact Michael Head, or Becky Brown,, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

With best wishes and many thanks for your interest in the study,

The ResIn team


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