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ResIn original research in Lancet Global Health – malaria investments in Africa

The latest analysis from the Research Investments in Global Health study has been published in The Lancet Global Health. This work covered malaria investments for R&D and funding for malaria control, and focused on their geographical distribution around sub-Saharan Africa.

Our research showed that countries that receive higher levels of funding for malaria-related research also typically receive higher levels of funding for malaria control (non-research investments). Thus, nations such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are relatively well-funded compared to nations such as Chad, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone. We discuss some of the likely reasons for this and consider further analyses that underpin these findings, and add pragmatic commentary on potential ways forward.

The paper is open-access and available here. Suggested citation –

Head MG, Goss S, Gelister Y et al. Inequalities in investments: a systematic analysis of global funding trends for malaria research in sub-Saharan AfricaThe Lancet Global Health. 2017. doi: 10.1016/S2214-109X(17)30245-0