Monthly Archives: November 2015

ResIn contributes to WHO R&D Observatory call for evidence

We have had our latest manuscript published in the journal Health Research Policy and Systems. This paper is the first to be published as part of the World Health Organisation R&D Observatory call for evidence.

Our article compares research investment to United Kingdom institutions with published outputs for tuberculosis, HIV and malaria. We analyse these by numbers of publications and citations and by disease and type of science, in order to identify what research is most prolific in terms of published outputs in these three disease areas.

To see our findings, click here for the full-open access paper.

And click here to see more about the R&D Observatory call for evidence

Neonatal infectious disease commentary in Lancet Global Health

ResIn contributed data and investigator time to a commentary that appeared in Lancet Global Health, entitled Neonatal infection: a major burden with minimal funding. There are around 0.7 million neonatal deaths worldwide each year due to infectious diseases, but when correlating investment against disease burden for 25 infections, neonatal disease ranks lowest of all. The commentary covers more on that point, plus some pragmatic discussion around the need for capacity-strengthening and raising of awareness in this important area.

See the link above for the full commentary, also see our publications page for the rest of our published outputs.