Research Investments in Global Health (ResIn) is an analysis of investments in infectious disease research.

wordcloud diseasesOur work so far has concentrated on collating information on funded studies from all the major public and philanthropic funders of UK biomedical research and analysing these awards to UK institutions for infectious disease research over the time period of 1997 to 2010. We have published the study findings in numerous peer-reviewed publications. Presentations and downloads of the data can be filtered and customised through the online open-access database. We are currently updating the analysis to include funding information up to 2013, and have also commenced similar analyses in cancer care research. Publications in both these areas will be written across 2015. Further, we are also collecting information on funding awarded to US institutions for infectious disease, plus preliminary work on research funding for an oncology dataset.


Recent updates

  • Update from ResIn

  • So the update analysis covering 2011-2013 is in full swing, we have written and submitted our first paper using that data (on HIV and other STIs). A norovirus paper shall be submitted soon and an overall summary paper is nearing completion and should be submitted well before Easter. A pneumonia investments paper is also a priority for us, as is an ebola research and implementation investments analysis. We are also beginning to look at ‘investments v research impact’, particularly in the area of bibliometrics, and exploring other areas of work and collaboration with national and international colleagues.


  • Investment in pneumonia and pneumococcal research

  • We had a comment piece published in Lancet Infectious Diseases in October 2014, briefly discussing the UK portfolio related to pneumonia. We highlight the relative paucity of funding available in this area, and also the predominance of pre-clinical science with little translational work completed or ongoing in pneumonia research.

    See the comment piece on the Lancet ID website.

  • Investments paper shows little funding for sepsis

  • Our paper published in JRSM Open shows how little research funding there has been for sepsis research. Even more stark is the distinct lack of patient-focused research for this important condition.

    See the full open-access paper at the JRSM Open website. Also see our publications page for all the other papers.